Try and have everything set in stone.  Know your songs!  This includes all vocals and harmonies.  You are not paying me to watch you write.  Don't expect to finish songs in the studio, have them finished and polished before heading into the studio.  You will be more confident, and confidence really shows through a performance!

Get some new strings on your guitar and bass and bring a few extra sets.  Get your guitar intonated, or I will do it when you're here.

#3.  GET NEW DRUM HEADS.  I will tune your drums for best recording sound.
Make sure if your cymbals have cracks to eliminate any buzzes, or else borrow/get new ones.
Eliminate all squeaks or buzzes on your kit (especially kick pedal).
You may need to replace your bottom heads if they are battered.

#4.  Be prepared to have one guitarist track all rhythms.  Because each player has his own quirks and techniques, the tracks won't line up perfectly.   The key to having a really tight guitar sound is having one guitarist track both rhythms, so pick the cleaner player and have him prepared!  The guitarist should also be familiar with the bass lines, if the bassist doesn't know his parts that well, the guitarist will be tracking them as well.

#5.  Be prepared to record to a click, or metronome.  This is important for industry standard sound and perfect time.

#6.  WHAT SHOULD YOU BRING?  All of your gear.  Full drum kit, amps, cabs, etc.  It's better to bring it and not use it than not bring it and need it.  This includes pedals, sound effect ect...  Jeremy has some equipment in the studio and will discuss details about your guitar and bass cabs and heads.  DO NOT BRING GIRL FRIENDS AND BUDDIES... you wanna know why... because you won't get anything done.  You have to be focused, so please, please don't bring more than 1 friend.  We want no distractions in the studio..


#7 All members need to be present the entire session, So please plan your schedules accordingly

#8 ATTENTION VOCALISTS!! It's very important that you know your material, Vocal takes are very critical... Your voice (depending on the vocalist) will only last 1-2 hours a session.  You should also be singing several times a week prior up to the session to prepare your voice for the studio.  You wouldn't run a marathon without training... same way goes for your vocals chords.  The session takes a lot of endurance for a vocalist, so make sure your chords are in top shape!  



-Vocalist should be well hydrated, probably the best advice i can give you.  Like the rest of your body, your vocal chords perform best when hydrated.  This means drinking a lot of water BEFORE you start recording, not just while you're recording.   Rule of thumb, it takes your body an hour and a half to hydrate, so a lot of water an hour and a half before you track.

-Luke Warm water.  There is literally nothing better for your throat while singing, DO NOT DRINK ICE WATER, as it freezes your chords, causing them to tighten up.


-Do not perform without properly warming up, run scales up and down before singing, humming scales is also a great way to warm up.  This goes for SIngers and Screamers (use same chords). If you go without properly warming up, you can damage your chords permanently.   

-A small amount of natural honey can be good before and after  

-Throat coat tea, Throat comfort tea, along with other variations of CAFFEINE FREE tea can be helpful for soothing your throat. Do not add sugar!

-Beware of sugar, caffeine, coffee, and milk, in beverages and eating hours before and after. Sugar and caffeine are absolutely your throats biggest bugaboos.

-Get a lot of rest!  Your voice needs a solid 8 hrs if you wanna sing well